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Due to our automotive specific knowledge we are in the position to create a real added value for you.

Supply relationships

Automotive customers usually demand their suppliers to accept their standard legal documents. ZweigClass has a depth of experience negotiating confidentiality agreements, development agreements, letters of intent/nominations, RASICs, standard terms and conditions, general purchasing agreements, as well as framework agreements related to warranty/product liability, quality assurance, logistics and IT. ZweigClass appreciates how the acceptance of the customers standard documents typically shifts the maximum economic risk to the supplier.

Relying on its extensive experience, ZweigClass idenifies the terms that are critical for its clients to negotiate and provides them with alternative terms that will reduce it clients risks without endangering the business relationship with the customer. ZweigClass’s experience gained from countless negotiations with Tier 1 suppliers, all the German OEMs and the major OEMs of the United States, France, and other countries allows ZweigClass to represent and support its clients through the negotiation process.

ZweigClass also works with its clients to fairly and effectively assure that its supplier contracts appropriate disburse the risk that its clients inherit from the OEMs to its clients’ suppliers. ZweigClass competently support its clients in their supplier relationship on all levels including development of customized standard supplier agreements or in the negotiation and enforcement of such agreements.
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