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Disruptions in the supply relationship

From a customer perspective, the timely supply with products of impeccable quality is essential.

Problems in the supply relationship can have serious consequences, e. g. in case of a stop of production, the violation of third party intellectual property rights or product defects which lead to field actions.

In an industry which is characterized by mass production in connection with short lead times, often combined with a single sourcing, potential claims can quickly accumulate to huge amounts.

In such situations, it is of utmost importance to immediately have technical and logistical solutions. In addition, experienced advisors with legal background can decisively contribute to minimize your damages or to enforce your claims. Due to the legal complexity of a customer-supplier relationship with numerous mutual responsibilities, which are often ambiguous, we made the experience that legal aspects and arguments can be used in favor of the client to come to a commercial settlement.

This applies independently of you being a customer or a supplier.

In situations of a crisis, such as product liability cases or serial field claims, we can also advise you in the right and timely communication with your insurer.

Problems in the supply chain may also arise if your supplier gets into financial trouble which could lead to severe consequences for the supply chain. Ideally, you will have a satisfactory contractual basis (e.g. with a clear stipulation regarding the ownership for tooling). In any case, we can support you in your relationship with the insolvency administrator or trustee to secure further supply.
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