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Standard contracts

On the customer side, you have to deal with the standard agreements of your customers in each single case. On the supplier side however, it is advisable to have standard terms and conditions since it is not economical to negotiate separate agreements with each supplier due to the mere number of suppliers and service providers and due to the fact that you want to be in the position to dictate the terms.

This applies not only to confidentiality agreements, development agreements, purchase order terms, purchasing conditions and tool conditions but also to conventional framework agreements, in particular concerning warranty / product liability, quality, logistics and IT.

It is important that your standard contract terms and conditions transfer the economic risks immanent to the contracts with your customers to a maximum extent to your suppliers.

In addition, it may be useful to work with standard contract terms and conditions also in areas which are not your direct core business; e.g. contracts with service providers, contracts for external IT support, maintenance, waste disposal, cleaning, etc.

This is also what we do.
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